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Funke at IBC 2016 --- Funke's 4F, a formula to success
IBC 2016, the premier annual event for professionals of the broadcast industry, will open its doors from the 9th to the 13th of September. 
The broadcasting industry is all about creating and spreading out content. When it comes to terrestrial television, antenna reception is key for that content to reach its final audience, the TV viewer. A few people are aware of the important role an antenna – a good quality one – plays in the broadcasting chain. 
Funke is very active on creating awareness on the importance of providing TV viewers with the right signal reception equipment. Through the years we have noticed that when networks get updated (e.g. from analogue to digital or from DVB-T to DVB-T2) a lot of time and money is being invested in the transmission part but it is actually the reception part that defines whether the update of the network is a successful one. Happy TV viewers are the result of a strong and well implemented digital terrestrial TV network. 
Our in-house R&D department has developed a unique technology – the Funke 4G INERT technology – to make sure that TV viewers can enjoy watching TV carelessly. This technology has been applied to the Funke antenna product range for making sure that content reaches its audience in an uninterrupted and continuous manner. 
In our own words we are proud to say that Funke is the result of a formula for success. This formula is based on Funke’s 4F: Family + Fast + Forward + Future.
We are proud of our family values that makes us open, flexible and trustworthy.
We are in contact with all relevant parties within the broadcasting industry for anticipating on technological innovations and trends.
We are constantly developing new antenna solutions for matching needs of both markets and end-consumers.
We are looking forward to all challenges and opportunities the coming years are yet to offer us.
We would be honoured to welcome you at our booth where we could tell you more about Funke digital TV and our antenna products. A meeting with us will also give us the opportunity to introduce you to our unique INERT Technology, a technology that protects TV signal reception from 4G LTE interferences. Even more, we will show you our latest antenna developments for 700 MHz and DAB/DAB+. 
You will find us at the Funke booth in Hall 3 C60 and you can register online for FREE by entering the customer invitation code. You may also register for free onsite at IBC2016 by bringing your customer code with you. 
Your free entrance code is: 14848
Meeting slots can be reserved by sending an email to ms@funke.nl or by calling at telephone number +31 411 653 507.
We are looking forward to welcome you at our booth!
Funke – the family company moving forward towards the future – is a formula to success! 
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Funke was present at ASBU Convention 2016 in Hammamet
The Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU) organized the 17th edition of the ASBU TV & Radio Festival & Convention from May 2nd till 5th, 2016 in Hammamet (Tunisia). The Festival included several major events, such as the organization of the "ASBU Broadcast Convention", from May 3rd till 5th, 2016. Funke Digital TV was present to this convention with the presence of its CEO, Mr Stan Baaijens and its Sales Representative, Mr Onur Yalinli.
Funke CEO was present at the 12th annual CERD Conference Bratislava
Funke's CEO Stan Baaijens showed the audience the new/extra opportunities after the WRC2015 for DTT, migration solutions from DVB-T to DVB-T2, the importance of a relevant business model and the need of cooperation between all stakeholders.
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